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30 Dec


Pharrell Wiliams Summer Look – Style36

by George Wyngaardt


pharrell in BBC stenil washed jeans
I have always admired Pharrell William’s effortless but sophisticated dress sense. He has such a rebellious approach to fashion, always staying true to his skateboarding culture. Pharrell is one of the only celebrities I know who can rock at the MTV or VMA Awards with a cropped tuxedo without his dress sense or sanity being compared to likes of Lady Gaga. Our talented musical maestro is as raw as his sound, often sporting a wide range of plaid shirts, slogan Tees, denim shirts, jackets and shorts, as well stunning eye-wear and an assortment of skater shoes. Over the years his style has adapted to suit the appeal of modern day fashion trend, whether it’s grunge, Hipsters or Hip Hop, Pharrell know’s how to look good without trying.

We’ve put together a few looks for our Pharrell fans for this summer, all these items can be found on the Style36 website.

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