Khanyi Mbau – Bitch Please Biography

Date Posted: August 7, 2012 |

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n the 15th of August our flamboyant Queen of Bling will be thrilling her subjects with the release of a controversial biography titled “Bitch Please, I am Khanyi Mbau””.  Mbau has found out the hard way that shaking off a mischievousness past is not as easy as shaking her “goodies”  for the camera.  This all took place after both her personal life and career spiraled our of control when nude pictures of her were leaked all over the internet,

not once but twice last year. The explicit pictures of her left at the mercy of the ever so judging  media whom made sure that they exploited every opportunity to get readers baited. Check out the picture of  Khanyi Mbau Nude.

Some would say that the manner in which she was crucified by the public was unethical, Khanyi Mbau virtually verbally stoned to death by critics over something that happened in the privacy of her bathroom. Khanyi Mbau believes that the photo’s were leaked by a jealous lover however  still did not manage to keep herself out of the headlines after being forgiven by her fans. There is no doubt that she has been the bread and butter for many blog owners hopefully we this time she will be able to produce a more virtuous end product.

It’s 4th of September 2012 and Khanyi Mbau’s biography written by Lesley Mofokeng has hit bookstores.  i got myself a copy and I can tell you that this is not a book but an over elaborated celebrity post, like the ones you find in heat magazine. It’s completely terrible and an utter fail. The book leans on most of Khanyi Mbau’s exploits hence baring to substance, it’s also extremely over priced. The Queen of Bling should stick to nude photo’s but that’s just my take on the issue.

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